This is truly a well-developed course! I’ve taken prior classes on FOREX with other vendors and have not found the education to be as formidable or comprehensible as Cloud9Forex. Cloud9Forex offers superior content that is evenly stratified to help the learner accumulate skill and knowledge as they progress to the next level of learning. I would also offer that it’s a two-way street: the course is designed to set you up for success and offers a plethora of effective tools (coaching sessions, videos, community accessibility) to help grow your skill set, but it also requires the learner to engage and commit. The effort was well worth it! In mere months I found myself comfortable with my newly developed skill set as I continued to rely on the additional support factors offered in the membership. Aly does a great job guiding the students through phases and leaves no questions un-turned to develop a richer and more beneficial learning experience for both the up & coming trader and expert alike. I highly recommend this program and appreciate the effort put into making it an effective and efficient platform for learning


Cloud9fx breaks trading down to its simplest form. You can really tell that Aly is super knowledgeable and that she loves teaching and helping others. She is always adding new content to the course, providing weekly analysis, keeping the community chat a supportive and drama free zone and always giving feedback when she marks your homework. The homework and lifetime membership is what really drew me. Once I signed up, I got so much more than that: support from my mentor, access to trading books and constantly updated content. I have been taught how simple trading can be, zone to zone and risk:reward is key. It is so lovely to learn from a humble, hardworking, and passionate woman lead in this male dominated industry. The only thing I regret is not signing up sooner!


I stumbled upon Aly’s personal IG account by chance when I first started as a trader in Malaysia’s stock market. I purchased her course after following her for a few months in order to level up myself because she made me realize (via one of her IG stories) that the currency market is a recession-proof market, and the biggest playing/trading field in the market – so different from the stock market.The course is surprisingly long and very very very informative! I love how Aly makes things easy and straightforward with many case studies. Going through her course helped me broaden my knowledge in relation to the currency markets and also I was able to implement the technical skills that she taught into my stock trading. It’s worth every single penny for a lifetime skill! Not to mention how much support that we get from Aly as her student.


I have been “trading” for the last 2 years. I started with a MLM company I learned the basics but I didn’t really get a good understanding of the market. I was impressed by the dollar amounts that I had see posted from all the different “traders” and gurus. I did fall in love with the charts and the idea of freedom and unlimited income. So I kept at it trying to get better. But I remained unsuccessful and lost a lot of money. I almost quit but I decided that I was going to invest in a course and give it another shot. I looked at a couple and very last minute before narrowing down a decision I came into Aly’s IG page and she was talking about her course Cloud9fx. I am so happy and grateful to have come into this course. Everything is broken down, the videos are straight to the point, and Aly stresses the idea of learning the skill first. I am not even half way through and I have seen results in my trading account already. I would totally recommend this course if you are getting started or having trouble with consistency.


Aly’s course has really advanced my trading to the next level. She is genuinely humble and always makes herself available to attend to all his students. She breaks down the market every week and there is no hidden strategy as She explains everything clearly to his students. The value you get from her course is huge and a great investment in your own knowledge. Aly you are Clearly the best thank you for all your help.


5 months ago I was struggling quite a bit with having the proper mindset, overtrading, and not taking positions or missing out due to lack of confidence. Aly’s course along with her service and support has been life changing to say the least. The markets are so clear to me and my mindset is in the right place- I have to say I’ve come a long way in just a few months, not just because of the course but thanks to everything she preaches from analysis to psychology. Follow everything she says and it will help you IMMENSELY! no matter what you’re struggling with. Best mentor hands down!


Been in many trading courses / groups and none of them helped me learn or cared to support me. i joined cloud9fx because ive been following aly for so many years and have seen her succeed. This course has helped me understood forex in a very simple way and she cares about me when no one else cared. Ive made more pips in the last 2 weeks than i ever have in the past 2 years by investing into this course. It is very easy as beginner and very effective. I have now tripled my account and i am very happy with my results


Best course / mentorship that i’ve ever invested in. I was so skeptical about investing into another course because of the past but i decided to give it one last go and im so grateful that i did because aly is the BEST MENTOR ive ever had. Ive gained so much knowledge and before i had such a hard time understanding the market and now i can see it with ease. This is the most consistent ive ever been with trading and it and gives me confidence to keep moving forward. You get a mentor that is there for you literally every step of the way and not to mention the best trading group chat! There is nothing but support and growth!


The amount of work and time aly has put into the course is phenomenal and how she breaks it down makes so much sense. I’ve learned more in 1 single lesson with this course than i have with anyone else’s course.


I was looking for a course and support. Ive purchased many courses and no one was willing to help me and i couldnt get the support i needed. I was following aly on social media for a long time. I saw how consistent she was with trading and she talked about how it can be simple if you’re learning the right material and take time to learn. I purchased the pro membership and i am telling you ive never had this feeling about charts and seeing how simple it is. its not your typical course that is flooded with useless info. Its helped my trading journey a lot and i look forward to continue learning.


I have been trading for the last 5 years and i was very confused and i couldnt improve my learning. i know i was missing some skills and needed a mentor to learn it. i saw aly’s trading style and i liked how she traded. i bought the course and i finally see improvement and the skills i lack are taught in the course and are very clear to understand.


Trading for 2 years and i didn’t have good results. knowing that i needed a mentor that could help me understand things in a clear way. i read 3 books but none were effective then i saw this course. it explains things perfectly and very simply. i see the market differently and understand it. this course is beyond perfect


Ive been trading for 9 months now and i can honestly say ive learned more in the 4 days from taking the course than those in the entire 9 months. you’re an amazing mentor, teacher, and guide. Couldn’t recommend enough. seriously life changing. thank you


I was trading forex for over two years before coming across the this course I tried everything in those two years, from joining free telegram trade channels to watching hundreds of forex videos on YouTube, neither left me as a profitable trader. I blew account after account and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Came across the cloud9 course when I was browsing Instagram one day and decided to try it out even though it costed money. I thought to myself well if this doesn’t work I’ve truly tried it all. Luckily the course is amazing and easy to follow. Within 3 months of taking it and practicing I am seeing profits like I never had in my trading career. Yes the course costs money but take it from someone whose tried all the free options when I say this course works.


Thanks to Aly and her course I have been gifted all of the tools and knowledge I need to succeed in Forex. She takes what many people try to accomplish within this industry and provides an education that ranges to help people who have never traded people all the way to people who are looking to perfect some of their skills. I feel so lucky to have found this course.


The content and strategies taught in Cloud9FX course have been great for developing my trading skills. But honestly what’s better is the genuine support I’ve received from Aly, to ensure I’m getting the most out of the course and consistently profiting.